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   Welcome To Hospitality Networks

Since 1996 Hospitality Service Group and Hospitality Networks have provided a variety of products, services and solutions for the hospitality, travel and special events industries.  Our various products range from our PortaTap and CoolTap beverage dispensing systems to our Clip N Sip promotional and retail beverage holders and carriers.

Additionally, our industry specific wedding planning, party planning, meeting planning and travel planning information portals and search engines generate over a quarter of a million customer referrals to our member suppliers each year.  We also have designed and developed over 2,000 industry related websites and currently host over 2,500 websites via on colocated servers at multiple data centers throughout the United States and abroad.

 We Are Remodeling!

After a year of expanding our data and refining our data management systems, one of our portals is being remodeled and readied for relaunch. will relaunch later this year with over 200 individual, local  resource websites for major US cities.  Users will experience the ability to easily plan their event online on a localized scale using a set of online planning tools and the option of selecting from a broad base of prequalified local suppliers.

Contact Us

Western US  (702)425-9090

Mid US (605)610-0200

Eastern US (305)853-8200

Mexico  55 8421 6900

The Bahamas via US  (305)853-8201


  News and Events 

New Travel Portals

Development is underway on numerous region specific portals that will provide local information and filtered search results for popular vacation destinations throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.  We anticipate a  launch of new travel portal search engines for both Mexico and The Bahamas in the next few months.

Clip n Sip® Products - Beverage Carriers and Holders

New designs and new products are being added to the Clip n Sip®  line! Look for the newest product announcements in your e-mail.

PortaTap and CoolTap

New models of PortaTap and CoolTap portable beverage dispensing systems will be  introduced at select rental outlets over the next few months.

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